Carlo Diaz + Stile Nu

Antonio Vivaldi, a Venetian of prominent stature during his life and ours, rhapsodizes over a bird, a drunkard, the rain, dogs, and wind. How can we return the birds, dog, wind, drink, and rain to this music that is so familiar to us? How can we experience the wonderment of its first audience though we already know when rain, the drunk, dogs, a bird, and the wind will come?

Jean-Féry Rebel, a Parisian of the same time, extracts chaos out of a group more accustomed to beauty. How can it sound like chaos to us who have noise music and free jazz among us? What if we pursued the historical experience rather than the historical sound?

Extravagance highlights the energy, intricacy, and detail of baroque music and the thoroughly modern clarity, precision, and starkness of the early music movement. The modernity of historical reconstruction is separated from the past itself, and the two are displayed side by side.

These two videos are excerpted from a concert conceived and performed by Carlo Diaz and Stile Nu in 2018.