CARLO DIAZ | composer

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28 February - 1 March 2020

Past Futures is an Early+New Music Festival at the Oosterkerk Amsterdam

A future is a time that exists in the imagination.
A past future is a future that existed in an imagination of the past.

This festival sets out a new kind of historiography in music. It seeks to reconstruct not actualities of the past but what the historian Ann Laura Stoler calls "the remnants of writerly practices [...] that chronicle failed projects, delusional imaginings, equivocal explanations". Through four concerts, two lectures, and one exhibition in a single weekend at the Oosterkerk Amsterdam, it investigates music that never existed in the past but that belongs to no other time.

Past Futures is a production of the Stichting Oosterkerk, in collaboration with Carlo Diaz and Stile Nu.