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World Premiere of Wyrd

Three master's students from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam present music for chamber choir inspired by 15th- and 16th-century Netherlandish settings of fors seulement and the hopelessness and solitude they depict. Carlo Diaz creates a dialogue between paganism and Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England with re-constructions and re-compositions of Anglo-Saxon bardic songs about fate and suffering. Simon Knighton uses the 1920s Dada 'cut-up technique' to construct a piece around text from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 100 Years of Solitude. Boris Bezemer sets Charles Bukawski's The Laughing Heart using his recently researched technique of 'block composition'. These three new works will be presented alongside four versions of fors seulement from Matthaeus Pipelare, Adrian Willaert, and two anonymous composers.

[anonymous(1)]__fors seulement
Carlo Diaz__Wyrd
Adrianus Willaert__fors seulement
Simon Knighton__The Ghosts of Repetition
[anonymous(2)]__fors seulement
Boris Bezemer__The Laughing Heart
Matthaeus Pipelare__fors seulement

CONDUCTOR__Ryan Bancroft
VOICES__Ida de Boer, Kat Carson, Izak de Dreu, Kate Honey, Johan Westera
GOTHIC HARP__Daan Verlaan

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14.30, 16 June 2017   |   Oosterkerk
Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1, 1018 LS Amsterdam, Netherlands