Carlo Diaz | composer

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This piece is part of an ongoing series that explores the materiality of instruments and the physicality of their performers.

In each piece I restrict compositional options to the most basic physical principal of each instrument in order to push myself and the performer toward discovery of new sounds and deeper understanding of familiar ones.

Plain(wood) explores the materiality of the blockflute and the particularly intimate relationship it shares with a musician's mouth and breath. The instrument is suspended in mid-air so that the performer need not hold it and instead may focus on breath alone. S/he moves around the flute to explore the sounds contained in its various holes, faces, and decorations.

The circular form of the piece—spinning out three similar progressions of material through the course of three circumnavigations of the instrument—is illustrated by the layout of the score around the performer. Time is represented as a spatial dimension so that one can see from the moment they enter the room how the piece will develop over time at each point around the instrument.

This recording is from a perfromance by Juho Myllylä at the Gesti Festival Amsterdam